Bourbon & BBQ Fest Phoenix 2019

October 26, 2019 | 3pm to 7pm

Monastery Mesa | 4810 East McKellips Road, Mesa, Arizona 85215

Get ready for the best bourbon and BBQ party you’ve ever been to. We will have a huge selection of bourbons, American whiskeys and more for you to choose from. You’ll be able to walk around and sample the various options. You must buy your ticket to sample items.

$40 – Early Bird (First 200)
$45 – Regular Rate (Sept 23 to Oct 25)
$50 – Late Registration (Oct 26)
$75 – VIP (First 100 People Only – Early Start & Some Rare Items Only VIPs Can Try)

Saturday Sampling 3pm to 7pm
VIP starts at 3pm
General Admission starts at 3:30pm

12 – Bourbon Samples (About 8 ounces or more. $60 Value)
4 – Beer Samples (20 ounces – $12 Value)
Souvenir ($7 Value)Live Music
Over $80 in Value for only $45 out the door.

You will get 12 sample tickets that you can use for any of the bourbons and you’ll get some beer samples as well. You will also get a souvenir as a ticket holder. Bourbons are expensive and sell for over $10 a shot in most cases. You will end up getting around 8 shots of various goodness plus some craft beer. That’s well over $80 in bourbon/beer plus your souvenir. With a ticket price of around $45, this is an amazing deal and a great way to try some rare and special bourbons.

Eagle Rare Bourbon – VIP
Four Roses Straight
Four Roses Small Batch
Four Roses Single Barrel
Buffalo Trace 1L
1792 Small Batch
1792 Sweet Wheat
1792 Single Barrel – VIP
Weller 7yr
Weller 12yr – VIP
Weller – Antique – VIP
EH Taylor Small Batch
EH Taylor Single Barrel
EH Taylor Barrel Proof – VIP
Leadslinger Whiskey Bourbon
Fighting Spirit Rye
Napalm Cinnamon
Knob Creek 100
Knob Creek Rye
Knob Creek Maple
Basil Hayden 80
Basil Hayden Dark Rye
Basil Caribbean
Redwood Empire Giant Rye
Redwood Empire Lost Monarch
Redwood Empire Pipe Dream Bourbon
Southern Comfort 70
Southern Comfort 80
Southern Comfort 100
Staggs Junior
Bird Dog Black Cherry
Bird Dog Peach
Bird Dog Small Batch
Calumet 12yr – VIP
Sazarac Rye – VIP

The Monastery will be doing a full PIG ROAST !!!!
FOOD FROM Monastery Mesa
2 Salt n’ Pepper Smoked Pork Tacos with Pickled Onion and Cilantro – $8.00
Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich with our house made Bourbon BBQ Sauce topped with Onion and Pickle – $8.00
BBQ Smoked Chicken with our signature Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce – $8.00

JJ’s Louisiana BBQ

Carvin Jones Band

First 250 to buy their ticket will get a special price
Souvenir to be announced as well.

When you go through the buying process, there are 2 fields. A buyer field and an owner field. The buyer field is for the person buying the ticket/s. And the owner field is for each individual that will own a ticket.

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  1. Gene Salt

    I just need one. But at checkout, I am charge for two. I need help for one person, please.

    1. Adam Bossin

      We updated the checkout process yesterday. Give it another shot. You should be able to select just one ticket without any issues

  2. Troy W.

    What it the address of this event???? Just saying MESA doesn’t tell much, why is it so hard to find an exact location? Thanks

    1. Adam Bossin


      Here is the address to the venue. Where you see Mesa under location, there is another spot that says Venue. And below that is Monastery. You can click that word and it will take you to the Monastery page on our site complete with address, phone and other information. Sorry for any confusion. We will make the address more prominent in other areas.

      Monastery Mesa
      4810 East McKellips Road, Mesa, Arizona 85215

  3. Peter Larsen

    I’m a frequent visitor to the Monastery and usually have a quick cigar while sitting away from the patio/grill/outdoor bar area. Thinking of having my “old man cigar” crowd join me at the Bourbon and BBQ festival. Any problems with cigar smoke? Thanks.

    1. Adam Bossin

      Shouldn’t be a problem at all but we may have cigar smoking in a more designated area so for those that are sampling can still smell the bourbons and not too much cigar smoke

  4. Zachary Hunt

    What is included in the VIP ?

  5. Nichole Case

    Is there any availability for cheaper tickets for those who dont not want to drink but will be designated driver?

    1. Adam Bossin

      You can pay $5 at the door and still get the souvenir. Or you can come in for free as well.

  6. David Janes

    I bought 2 set’s of tickets one on the 13th and the other on the 15th of September. In the confirmation email it says click on the red button to download or print the tickets. No red button show’s up. I’ve called 3 times and gave my info to receive a call back and even sent an email. All I want to know is there any other way to get my tickets. I just don’t want to get screwed out of my tickets and not be able to get in.

    1. Adam Bossin

      Just making sure you got my email David and you are all set. See you tomorrow.

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